Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fall Born Sale Monday, May 11!!!!

Click link below to go directly to sale:

Tag 67 | Mob Boss x Full Flush/DraftPick September Steer
Weighed 664 on 5/2/15

Tag 68 | Monopoly x White Gold September Steer
Weighed 563 on 5/2/15

Tag 73 | Yellow Jacket x Black Ice/Swoosh September Steer 
Weighed 466 on 5/2/15

Tag 74 | Moss x WMW/Maine
Weighed 481 on 5/2/15

Tag 75 | Mob Boss x Black Ice/Maine
Weighed 596 on 5/2/15

Tag 72 White Gold x Cross August Steer
Weighed 735 on 5/2/15

Tag 71 | Monopoly x Cross September Steer
Weighed 563 on 5/2/15

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Calving Season

Calving season is well underway here at Wilson Farms.  Wish the weather would warm up a little, but so far everything has gone great!  All the heifers are almost done and cows are starting up.  We are very excited about the calves so far and are looking forward to picking out breeding options for next year.  Good luck to all during calving season.  Stay safe and warm.

Thank you!!

We would like to thank all the bidders and buyers from our March 1st online sale!  We appreciate your business and are here if you need any help with the calves (clipping, fitting, etc).  Thank you again!