Friday, November 21, 2014


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Tag 30 Heat Wave Steer

Tag 55 Heat Wave Steer 

Tag 36 Mercedes Benz Steer (Reg. Mainetainer)

Tag 37 Believe In Me Steer

Tag 31 Fast Freddy Steer 

Tag 35 Express x HW Steer (Char Composite)

These 6 outstanding steers will be selling on our Breeders World Online Sale
Contact Chris Wilson 641-745-0323 for any questions or Carolyn Wilson 641-745-0852
Also email us at
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Thursday, October 30, 2014


NOTICE!!!!! *****We have truck going to Texas TOMORROW 

for validation purposes. So if you get something bought, we 

will get her to you!  Contact Chris Wilson for questions 641-

745-0323.**** Truckers name and phone number are: Jamie 

Boyce 641-414-2272*****

SALE TODAY!!!! Videos & Pics! Wilson Farms Heifer Sale BW Online 10/30/14



Tag 40
 Sugar Rush x Vegas Heifer (ShorthornPlus) (April)

Tag 42
 Uncle Kracker x PB Char (Char Composite) Heifer (April)

Tag 41
 Eye Candy x Heat Wave Heifer (March)

Tag 45 
RST Time's A Wastin' x S-W Rockin' Awe Baby (February 23)

Tag 47
 Believe In Me x Ice Pick/Impulse (March 23) Heifer

Tag 48
 Steel Force x Angus (Foundation Simmental) Heifer (March)

Tag 49 
RS Complete x GF Poppin Lady (PB Shorthorn) February ** TH/PHA FREE!!!

Tag 51
 Eye Candy x She Daisy Heifer (March)

Tag 52
 Yellow Jacket x Monopoly/Dr. Who (April) Heifer

Tag 53 
Eye Candy x Real Deal (April)

Tag 44
Comfort Zone x Breathe Easy Heifer (April)

Tag 43 Fast Freddy x Most Wanted/Simm (March)

Tag 46 
H2 11X 4130 Successor 2504 ET x SHR 80P Cover Girl 713 (March 10, 2014)

Tag 50
NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET x SHR L153 Romance 9100 (March 9, 2014)

Tag 54 
Babe Ruth x 20/20 Vision (April)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Online Female Sale | BW Online Sales | 10/30/14

Getting all the girls clipped up for pics/videos!!  Stay tuned  . . . 

Contact Chris Wilson 641-745-0323

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Steers for Sale!! Priced to Sell | No Bidding!!!

Tag 5 Eye Candy Steer (SOLD)

Tag 30 Eye Candy Steer 

Tag 31 Fast Freddy Steer 

Tag 29 Jawbreaker Steer (SOLD)

Tag 34 Steer 

Tag 33 Nasty Habit Steer (SOLD)

Tag 9 Salty Dog Steer (SOLD)

Tag 9 Salty Dog Steer Rear (SOLD)

Tag 29 Jawbreaker Steer (SOLD)

Saturday, October 11, 2014


FOR SALE PRIVATE TREATY @ Wilson Farms!!! How can
you not fall in love with this guy? He's a Jawbreaker x Maine
 March steer. Priced to sell. Contact Chris Wilson call/text @ 641-745-0323 or email @ Can get video if needed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NEW DATE!! Stay Tuned!!!!

We are having another sale on October 30, 2014 on Breeders World Online Sales!!!  We will be selling heifers ONLY!!!  

STEERS ~  Private Treaty!!  We have a great selection of steers arriving daily that will be for sale private treaty.  Give Chris a call at 641-745-0323 for any questions about the steers or to stop by.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


SALE DAY IS HERE!!!! Auction Begins TODAY September 14 at Noon EST (11:00 am CST) and Bidding begins to close TONIGHT September 14 8:00 pm EST (7:00 CST). 

Follow this link to sale:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pics Galore!!! Sale Pics | Sept. 14 on BW Online Sales

Tag 1 | Monopoly x Sim Steer | March

Tag 2 | Salty Dog x SH Steer (ShorthornPlus) | April

 Tag 3 | Salty Dog x Eye Candy Steer | March
Tag 4 | BIM x Cross Steer | March

Tag 5 | Eye Candy x Foreplay Steer | February

Tag 6 | Eye Candy x Strictly Business Steer | March

Tag 7 | Jawbreaker x Maine Cross Steer | March 

Tag 8 | Harlem Shake x Eye Candy/Mojo Steer | April

Tag 9 | Salty Dog x Silver Bullet Steer | May

Tag 10 | Eye Candy x Heat Wave Steer | March

Tag 11 | MAB x Foreplay Steer | February

Tag 12 | Unstoppable x Maine Cross Steer | April

Tag 13 | Monopoly x Analyze This Steer | March

Tag 14 | Eye Candy x 1M Donor Steer | April

Tag 15 | MAB x Maine (MaineTainer) Heifer | April

Tag 16 | Lut x Precision/Integrity Heifer | January

Tag 17 | Lut x Precision/Integrity Heifer | January

Tag 18 | Lut x Precision/Integrity Heifer | February

Tag 19 | Young Money x PB Shorthorn (heifer is a 3/4 blood) | March

Tag 20 | Star Bright Kelly x SHR L153 Romance 9100 | January

Tag 21 | Unstoppable x Ali Son (High Maine Heifer) | April

Tag 22 | Eye Candy x Maine Cross Heifer | March

Tag 23 | Eye Candy x Cross Heifer| March

Tag 24 | Jawbreaker x Cross Heifer | March

Tag 25 | Gold Rush x Hired Man Heifer (Chi Heifer) | March

Tag 26 | Eye Candy x She Daisy Heifer | March

Tag 27 | Eye Candy x Cross Heifer (March)

Tag 28
Unstoppable x Maine Cross
Chris 641-745-0323