Monday, June 15, 2015

The product is designed to penetrate the hair shaft and feed the follicle. To get the best results:
1) Spray on, comb and brush in

2) Allow the product to dry. We suggest placing the animal in front of fans and allow the fans to air dry the animal.

3) After drying you can work the animal anyway you choose. You can brush, blow etc.

4) We do not suggest blowing immediately after applying because you will only waste the product and blow the nutrients into the air.

5) DO NOT use sheen or any other product with the ShowCoat. Our product does not contain silicone and most other sheens do. Silicone, although serves a purpose, is counter productive for growing hair. It's made to coat and seal the item it's applied to. This will prevent the nutrients in Show Coat from being absorbed.

6) We suggest APPLYING DAILY!!

7) For the first 4-7 days we apply a little heavier to charge the follicle and condition the hide. Once you have noticed a visual difference to the coat you will have gained the charge. You can at that point apply a lighter amount.

8) As with any grooming the key is to be consistent!!!

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